Sgt Gen

He is leaving for TN no matter what. :’(
"I can’t go another day without you."
The days are cold the nights are long. I can’t stand to be alone. Please know this is not your fault. All I want is to tell you I love you and make you want to stay…..

I wish it did make him want to stay…. </3

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My cover photo on Facebook. I made it myself and took the picture myself from one of my trail walks. #lukebryan #overtheriver #country #lake #photography #lyrics


video here: at 6:10

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My new truck! 09 chevy trailblazer

My new fish daphnie with scooby doo and shaggy.

A new addiction.


Finding out If I am or not. :)


My new ring. Aquamarine my birthstone. #ring #band #new #jewelry #cute

That feeling of love.

  • I can’t help but smile every day I get to wake up to your smiling face; and when you’re not there I wake up to a text saying, “good morning gorgeous. :)”
  • I may get mad at you and storm out or not talk to you for hours but in the end you find a way to make me laugh when I’m still trying to be mad.
  • I hate being bought things but you do it randomly and make me feel special.
  • I get to keep my independence and both of us still have dependence on each other.
  • All of my flaws don’t bother you. You make them seem as if they don’t matter.
  • You make all of my values and dreams seem like all that I should worry about.
  • You dance with me when I’m sad, happy, moody, okay, and crying just so I can start to laugh and feel loved.
  • Most importantly I may of left a lot of things that I love about you out but the thing I love the most is you love me with all of your heart in which I give you the same thing in return. ☺♥

Haha this convo with my bestie. #befriend #funny #sex #easy #whore

Fun time at the beach. #beach #fun #ocean #nature #sea #summer




-.- ^ Whats a jizz? I didn’t get it lol -Lorelei

Yup #mshadows #mattshadows #avenged #Sevenfold #a7’ #avengedsevenfold

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